Banquet Server Jobs

Job Title Salary Location TimeTable Submit
Teller $36.5K a year  Lovell
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Customer Service Representative $19hr Broomfield Full-time Apply Now
Recruiting Sourcer $13hr Remote Full-time Apply Now
Engineers- Entry Level $78.6K a year Alpharetta Full-time Apply Now
Production Team Member $25hr Huntsville Full-time Apply Now
RECEPTIONIST $27hr New York Full-time Apply Now
Teller $18hr Plano
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START A CAREER $20hr Dallas-Fort  Full-time Apply Now
Entry Level Roles $37hr Alpharetta Full-time Apply Now
Financial Services Representative $23hr El Paso Full-time Apply Now

Looking to hire Servers ASAP

What Our Colleagues Like:

Benefits package including health, dental, and life insurance; FREE education help; Scratch kitchen; Authentic family recipes; Lots of extra benefits and discounts; Great pay and tips; High-volume environment;

Job Description:

Receives orders from customers and brings them their food and drinks in a restaurant or bar. In charge of ensuring that each and every one of the restaurant’s guests receives courteous and attentive service and delicious meals.

Crucial features:

Must be able and willing to:

  • Serve a station with six tables efficiently.
  • Maintain an accurate ledger of your financial transactions.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with the kitchen, both orally and via the use of the point-of-sale system.
  • Promote and distribute up-to-date advertising materials to guests Accurately record all paid bills from patrons
  • Accurately take money from visitor; accurately account for all things bought and supplied; accurately inform guest of any automatic gratuity
  • Maintain composure and efficiency even when time is of the essence Communicate with guests in a way that is clear, patient, kind, and humorous
  • Accomplish a wide range of tasks to guarantee the quality of the service provided in accordance with established protocols.
  • Feeling People’s Appreciation is Our #1 Priority!
  • The cuisine, ambiance, and family-oriented atmosphere of Maggiano’s make it a fantastic place to eat and an even better place to work.
  • We are America’s favourite casual dining chain because we are committed to exceeding our guests’ expectations at every turn.Requirements

Qualifications required:

Required must have at least 2 years of relevant experience in full-service restaurants or a comparable setting.

  • Specials and a menu
  • Cellar Notes
  • Drinks and liquors available.
  • Practices in Accounting
  • Schematic depiction of the dining establishment, with table and service station locations
  • Specific guidelines, philosophy, and other orientation materials for each restaurant.

Must be able and willing to:

  • Maintain personal time commitments reliably
  • Act in a manner that is polite, pleasant, and good-natured.
  • Be accommodating even to the most challenging of guests.
  • Listen to and learn from criticism
  • Coexist peacefully with your coworkers.
  • Offer an image that’s as neat and well-kept as the restaurant itself.
  • Get up and move about during the whole shift.
  • Transfer food from the kitchen to the dining room without dropping any of it on the floor or having to make many trips.
  • Maintain a constant flow of food and drink deliveries to all guest tables during a shift.
  • You are free to roam the whole eatery without fear.
  • Put in extra hours over the weekend and holidays
  • To be considered, candidates should have worked in a full-service restaurant in the past.

Indeed, Maggiano’s Little Italy® is something very extraordinary in the restaurant industry. We may be a “chain” by definition, but in practise, we’re more like a big happy family. The restaurants have the same cuisine and ethos but are uniquely designed to honour the heritage of their respective host cities. Inside, you’ll find high-energy, full-service dining rooms that are reminiscent of Little Italy before World War II, magnificent banquet facilities, and customer-friendly carryout, all of which confirm that you’ve arrived at a genuine Maggiano’s Little Italy®. An Equal Opportunity Employer