Computer Repair Jobs Near Me

Job Title Salary Location TimeTable Submit
Service Technician $25hr Huntsville
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Field Service Technician $37hr Jacksonville
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Industrial Electrical Technician $40,000 a year Monticello Full-time Apply Now
Lively Arts Part-Time MasterĀ  $68.2K a year Blue Bell
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PRESERVE MANAGER $33hr Mitchell Full-time Apply Now
Diesel Technician $22hr Scarborough Full-time Apply Now
Vehicle Preparation Representative $25hr Scarborough Full-time Apply Now
Director Cybersecurity Operations $22hr Gaithersburg Full-time Apply Now
Senior Executive Assistant $28hr Cambridge Full-time Apply Now
Automotive Technician $38hr Kahului Full-time Apply Now

Complete Automotive Repair Shop Job Description Description

Car servicing center serving the Dallas area for over 60 years. Family-owned and managed. The mechanics here are paid entirely on commission, as our business is always bustling with customers. A mechanic’s salary can vary from $70,000 to $124,000 per year, depending on their level of expertise and skill.

Every weekday, you may find us here between the hours of 7:30 and 5:00. Major holidays cause us to close up shop. There’s a $10,000 life insurance policy on the house. We have a dental plan that covers all costs. We do not contribute to health insurance premiums, but you can purchase BCBS coverage and have payments taken out of your salary. Our weekly payday is on Fridays, and we provide direct deposit.

Listen to me: this is the spot you need to be at. If you’re sick and tired of the dealership industry. Burnt out by constantly having to labor on special occasions. Tired of not making as much money as you can?

Dallas Brake and Alignment, Inc. is the place to send your resume if you have the qualifications we’re seeking. Join us, and in 2022, you may be earning a lot more than you are now.

Work of a Mechanic Entails:

  • Automobile and light truck parts and accessories must be inspected, diagnosed, and repaired or replaced.
  • Modify the fluids, and check the brakes, the batteries, and the electronics.
  • Carry out a wide range of other responsibilities: Maintenance including new wipers, lights, and test drives
  • Put your attention on fostering relationships with customers and meeting their immediate and future requirements.
  • Report vehicle issues to customers and/or superiors, and explain how you plan to fix them.
  • Make sure the place of business is always tidy and risk-free.

The Necessary Skills for the Position:

  • Make precise repair recommendations based on thorough diagnostic testing of clients’ concerns.
  • Maintain and fix automobiles in any way possible. Operations such as engine maintenance, cooling system maintenance, and emissions system maintenance are all included.
  • Keep up with the state-of-the-art in vehicle repair by keeping your education and certifications current.
  • It’s time to get the vehicles back on the road for some test drives and repair work.
  • Always keep all documents clear and readable, both for the customer and our reference.
  • Maintain and fix automobiles in any way possible. Operations such as engine maintenance, cooling system maintenance, and emissions system maintenance are all included.
  • Keep the office neat and tidy to extend the life of the tools and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Able to provide consumers with repair/maintenance cost estimates and advice


  • Prior work experience in an automotive repair business is recommended.
  • Possessing excellent verbal communication capabilities
  • Ability to provide excellent service to customers
  • Comply with established policies and procedures
  • Expertise in using diagnostic resources