Computer Repair Jobs

Job Title Salary Location TimeTable Submit
Customer Support Engineer $100hr Remote Full-Time Apply Now
Remote Technical Customer Service $16hr
Full-Time Apply Now
Customer Success Engineer $40hr Remote Full-Time Apply Now
Co-Op Part-time Service $26hr Gulfport
Apply Now
Computer/Laptop Repair $37hr Leawood Full-Time Apply Now
Computer Technician $27hr Boardman Full-Time Apply Now
Computer Support $33hr Garden City Full-Time Apply Now
Junior Computer User Support $29hr Remote Full-Time Apply Now
Traveling Computer Repair $36hr Cleveland Full-Time Apply Now
Genius Admin $22hr Lexington Full-Time Apply Now
Computer Technician $34hr Russellville Full-Time Apply Now

Superior Compensation and Benefits Package

Customer Support Engineers at may expect to make an annual salary of $100,000. As you advance in the company, you will receive pay increases and stock options.

We will provide you with all the in-house training you need to become a proficient Customer Support Engineer on the platform. All time spent in training will be compensated at your regular rate.

Outstanding Collaboration and Peer Encouragement Our Customer Support team is one of the closest knit units in the business. Everyone looks forward to their daily Zoom meetings.

There are several perks to working for a large company, including health, dental, and vision insurance (with 75% coverage for spouses and families), a 401(k) with a hefty matching contribution, 11 paid holidays, and 20 paid personal or vacation days.

Upon signing, you will receive a brand new Apple laptop and $1,000 to go toward the purchase of other home office necessities including a monitor, camera, keyboard, and mouse.

An Extremely Unlikely Occasion

All of’s customer service reps work from home. On the other hand, we often take trips to meet in-person with the staff and the rest of the firm. Scottsdale, Austin, Orlando, New Orleans, San Diego, Las Vegas, and New York City are just a few of the places hosting these gatherings.

Events held in person are meant to compensate for the lack of human contact that might be experienced when working in an office by combining business with pleasure.

We’re relieved that the COVID-19 ban has been lifted so that business trips may resume as normal.

Some Background about

More than 6,000 companies, including Target, Canonical, UPS, Leica, DirecTV, GoPro, Marriott, and more, have paid to use, an enterprise secure file sharing & automation service.

Since its inception in 2010, has been successfully funded by its creator using personal funds. To hasten our expansion, we recently secured $46.5 million in growth stock from Riverwood Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

Assuming this position, you will:

  • Addressing inquiries from customers via mediums including phone and email (one-on-one communication).
  • Locating and reporting software issues and feature requests, and then coordinating their resolution with the appropriate group.
  • Helping consumers in times of crisis outside of normal business hours, taking shifts with other support team members.
  • Approaching customer service with a heavy emphasis on personal engagement, with the goal of resolving problems as thoroughly as possible for each individual customer.

That’s You!

You can express yourself clearly in writing and in person, and you have experience putting those abilities to use in the real world.

You have excellent customer service skills, including tolerance, open-mindedness, and compassion.

It is possible to master a procedure and then expand on it with new knowledge. You may use our knowledge base and playbook articles as examples, and once you’ve mastered them, you can help us improve them by contributing your own insights.

It’s common knowledge that you’re a quick study and a master at getting things done. Whenever you take on a new project, your colleagues may be certain that it will be handled professionally and efficiently under your watch.

Are You Prepared to Take Your Career to the Next Level?

Please include a cover letter explaining why you are interested in this particular position. In your letter, be sure to address the following points in particular:

  • Blog entries, articles, documents, or videos that you’ve made would be great examples of your work.
  • Please describe the qualities you possess that make you qualified for this role.
  • Please provide some instances of companies that provide excellent customer service.