Package Delivery Jobs

Job Title Salary Location TimeTable Submit
Small Package Delivery Van Driver $19hr Leavenworth
Apply Now
UPS Eagan – Package Delivery Driver
Eagan Full-time Apply Now
Parcel Delivery Driver $17hr Oak Grove Full-time Apply Now
Weekly Pay!! Amazon Delivery Driver $25hr Gilbert Full-time Apply Now
Delivery Driver $39hr Lewisville Full-time Apply Now
Warehouse Person $33hr Mineral Wells
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Delivery Driver $16hr Gilbert Full-time Apply Now
Amazon Package Delivery $36hr Broomfield Full-time Apply Now
Delivery Driver $19hr Katy Part-time Apply Now
Package Delivery Driver $27hr Huntington  Full-time Apply Now

Overview of the Work of a Sortation Center Warehouse Associate at Amazon
You will be a part of the hardworking Amazon staff that receives orders straight from the warehouse. Our duties require us to get our hands dirty and work quickly in a sorting facility. To assist get client orders ready for delivery, you will be responsible for tasks such as package sorting, scanning, and pallet stacking. Since most shifts are on a part-time basis, you may design a schedule around your availability and preferences, with the flexibility to make changes as necessary.

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Responsibility and Obligations

You might have to do things like:

  • Acquire and perform stocktaking duties
  • The orders of the customers must be prepared for delivery.
  • Make use of gadgets like laptops, pocket printers, and scanners.

Additionally, you must be able to:

  • Carry a maximum of 49 pounds
  • Employees on the job need to be able to stand, walk, push, pull, crouch, bend, and reach during their shifts.
  • Transfer things from one place to another with the use of carts, dollies, hand trucks, and other such devices.
  • Ascend and descend the stairwell (where applicable)
  • Use a mezzanine to increase your working height by up to 40 feet (where applicable)

The Inside Story of an Amazon Fulfillment Center

Safety. We care about you and your well-being, therefore we’ve provided safety equipment. Every day, everyone on the team talks about how to be safe.

Surroundings. Order pickers, stand-up forklifts, turret trucks, and rolling carts are just some of the devices you’ll have to work around.

Activity. Some tasks may need you to stand for extended periods, move about, or use the stairs.

Temperature. Temperatures in the warehouse, regardless of climate control, can range from sixty to ninety degrees Fahrenheit, and on particularly hot days, the truck yard and the interiors of trailers can reach well into the nineties.

Ambient noise. The noise level varies. If you require it, we have earplugs available.

Standard of dress enforced. Casual, with a couple of precautions in place. All attendees must wear closed-toe shoes that are both comfortable and non-marking. As part of the hiring process, Amazon may offer a $110 Zappos gift certificate to help you get outfitted for your first day on the job.

The Reasons You’ll Enjoy Working Here

Always have something to do. While on the clock, you and your colleagues show no signs of boredom.Choices in timetables. Location-specific factors can determine whether you work full-time (40 hours), reduced time (30-36 hours), or part-time (20 hours or less) with the possibility of working extra hours as needed.

Changeable schedules. Do your job how it suits you. Overnight, morning, day, evening, and weekend shifts are all possible. With Anytime Shifts, you may work as little as four hours per week, and you can even have four-day workweeks and three-day weekends.

Funds Can Be Deposited At Any Time. At the moment after your shift, you have the option of withdrawing up to 70% of your profits (for select employee groups). Find out more info on Anytime Pay.

Professional development and growth. We are committed to helping our staff members advance in their careers, thus we provide several opportunities for free training and development programs, as well as tuition assistance for some groups. Take a trip to the Amazon and see where it takes you.

Enhanced capacity to learn new things. Your training will include the usage of the most up-to-date Amazon equipment, from mobile phones to drones, depending on your position and region.

The work is done as a team. Participate in mutually beneficial groups of any size.

As to Why Amazon Is Awesome

Our company is committed to providing a fantastic place to work for all of its employees by providing them with competitive pay, comprehensive health insurance, paid time off for caring for a new child, retirement and growth possibilities, and a culture that values diversity and inclusion. The following are examples of benefits that may be provided, however, their availability may vary based on factors such as job title, working hours, and geographical location.

Paid weekly at a competitive rate, plus overtime for work beyond 40 hours

Healthcare (medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs)

The Medical Help Line

  • Support System (health & well-being on and off the job)
  • Allowances for Adoptions
  • Taking Time Off to Raise a Family
  • Plan de pensaci√≥n 401(k)
  • Vacation Pay (PTO)
  • Possibilities for Holiday Pay
  • Discounts for Workers
  • Simple insurance for the living
  • Protecting yourself with accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Paid Medical Leave (both Short-Term and Long-Term)
  • Training and education in the workplace
  • MAP: A Program to Assist Workers in Need


Adults only, please, and those who can read, write, speak, and comprehend English well enough to follow all of the job’s rules and safety procedures

Where to Begin

Start the application process above. Here at, we have resources to guide you through the application and hiring process.

Please visit or contact the Applicant-Candidate Accommodation Team if you have a disability and require an accommodation during the application and hiring process, including support for the New Hire Event, or if you need to initiate a request before starting your Day 1. (ACAT). Our phone lines are open from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday at 888-435-9287.

An inclusive and welcoming environment is important to Amazon. Amazon does not discriminate based on race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, handicap, age, or any other legally protected status.