Part Time Server Jobs

Job Title Salary Location TimeTable Submit
Part Time Breakfast Server
$15 an hour
Exeter Full-time Apply Now
Restaurant Server $35 an hour New Braunfels Full-time Apply Now
Banquet Server $18 an hour United States Part-time Apply Now
Server $35K a year Las Vegas Part-time Apply Now
$22 an hour
Cambridge Full-time Apply Now
WAITER/WAITRESS $24.29 an hour
Part-time Apply Now
Server $28 an hour Las Vegas Full-time Apply Now
Breakfast Server $28 an hour Las Vegas
Apply Now

Description of Duties and Responsibilities Location Hampton Inn & Suites in Exeter

This employment has an entry-level pay rate of $15.00/hr. Your primary objectives as a part-time breakfast server at the Hotel are to maximize guest pleasure and maintain high product quality. This is the perfect opportunity to make a positive impression on customers as a personal representative of the hotel.

The capacity to work different hours is a potential requirement of this profession.

Employment Requirements:

  • Putting together the breakfast set-up in advance of the meal and breaking it down afterward
  • Constantly restocking the breakfast area
  • Cleaning dishes and silverware from patrons’ tables
  • Taking drink orders and passing them along to the kitchen Give provide information and help to customers and suppliers
  • Assembling a cleaning crew to wipe down surfaces and mop floors after each lunch service
  • Maintaining a spotless and risk-free environment so that the whole trip goes off without a hitch

Job Requirements:

  • Dedicated team player who takes the initiative to get things done.
  • The ability to foresee, anticipate, recognize, and effectively address workplace issues is essential.
  • Possessing the ability to maintain productivity under pressure
  • accommodating visitors’ needs and requests, and easy get in touch with
  • The requirements listed below are typical of what an employee must do in order to fulfill the core tasks of this job. Working in this position sometimes necessitates long periods of time spent in a standing or seated position or on foot.


Island Hospitality values its employees and shows its dedication to them by providing them with a structured training and development programme that will help them reach their full potential in the hospitality industry. New employees that come to Island Hospitality from other companies will be able to use the company’s resources to build on their existing expertise and advance in their careers.

The Wellness Program for Team Members is Our Way of Showing Appreciation for All That You Do for the Team.

Package of Benefits:

  • Health Insurance Coverage, covering Medical, Dental, and Vision
  • Time off work and monetary bonuses for yearly health screenings.
  • Aid to Employees in Distress Program
  • Access to wellness resources including gyms, monetary advisers, counsellors, and lawyers is included in certain subscription plans.
  • paid time off for illness and travel
  • Personal Time Off for the Family
  • 401(k) Pension programme – IHM Matches up to 100% of your pay for the first 3%, and another 50% for the next 2%. Once a 401(k) contribution is made,
  • the employee is immediately 100% vested in the account.
  • Getting Paid Every Day – Put in some work today and collect your paycheck tomorrow.

Gains for Effort:

  • Rewards based on performance incentives
  • You can get free stays at our hotels and discounts for your staff at other hotels that belong to the same chain.
  • Offers for those who stay frequently at your hotel chain
  • Bonuses and special recognition for the team’s monthly, quarterly, and annual stars
  • Tickets at Work provides employee discounts to a variety of entertainment venues.
  • Develop your skills and further your career in the direction of your choosing with our in-house training programme.
  • Bonuses for referring friends to ANY of our stores