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Job Title Salary Location TimeTable Submit
Process Server $17hr Citrus Heights Full-time Apply Now
Process Server (SR-15) $42,792 a year Kauai Full-time Apply Now
Process Server $26hr New York Full-time Apply Now
Process Server – Extra Help $37hr Hanford Full-time Apply Now
Civil Process Server $h20r Chattanooga Full-time Apply Now
Document Management Technicican $39hr Honolulu
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Process Server $21hr Kansas City Full-time Apply Now
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Investigator – Homicide Defense Task $36hr Brooklyn Full-time Apply Now
Scene Investigator / Document Server $22hr San Francisco Full-time Apply Now

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The Legal Aid Society’s Criminal Defense Practice has a highly specialized team called the Homicide Defense Task Force (HDTV). HDTV was founded to serve as the go-to defense firm for homicide defendants in New York City. Due to the rapid deployment of attorneys, investigators, mitigation specialists, and paralegal case managers, the HDTF Unit can effectively respond to homicide arrests. Our clients receive unrivaled attention on their homicide cases because of our comprehensive system of representation, which includes our nationally known DNA and Forensics Units, immigration and community justice units, and media relations team.

The Homicide Detail Task Force (HDTF) is looking to hire an investigator immediately to work on high-stakes homicide investigations that might go on for years. You and the other members of your multidisciplinary task force will be responsible for conducting investigations, gathering evidence, and coordinating with different institutional, judicial, and government institutions as the case progresses.


  • Formulate your homicide investigation strategy, ideally in tandem with your legal counsel.
  • Take charge of a busy homicide caseload in any of New York City’s five boroughs and see it through to a successful conclusion.
  • On call for the HDTF when it’s convenient for them, such nights and weekends
  • Visits to Rikers Island and other New York City detention center regularly, with the possibility of expanding to institutions outside the city.
  • To continue the defense relationship throughout the case, it is necessary to interview and speak with clients in incarceration institutions.
  • Perform an impartial analysis of all of the prosecution’s discovery materials, including but not limited to DD5s, video surveillance footage, and Body Cam
  • recordings made at Rikers Island, and provide thorough descriptions of any relevant details you find.
  • Traveling to the office of the Medical Examiner or other medical/forensic facilities to examine autopsy reports and other medical records
  • Take part in weekly case conferences with other team members, clients, and client’s family members.
  • Maintain consistent attendance at in-unit training
  • Frequent trips to all boroughs of New York City and beyond (New Jersey, Westchester County, and Long Island).
  • Keep a neat and orderly (paper and electronic) case file for each homicide that occurs.
  • Maintain a media archive and stay current on all press coverage.
  • Track down and interrogate potential witnesses and other players
  • Crime scenes and other relevant areas will be investigated.

  • Record Events (photographs, video, diagrams, measurements, etc.)
  • Produce diagrams, drawings, or maps of the crime scene.
  • Input inquiry findings into our case management system and prepare written summaries
  • Check them out by looking them up online and via social media.
  • Consult databases for specific case details (e.g., CLEAR, DMV, ACRIS, etc.)
  • Help in jury selection and voir dire by stating in court.
  • Get the defense team to the scenes of crimes and other important places quickly.
  • Lineups of potential witnesses and other police processes (such as ballistics testing, examining evidence at district attorneys’ offices, inspecting vehicles at
  • the New York Police Department’s auto yards, etc.)
  • Identify and organize evidence in physical and digital forms (e.g., cellphones, surveillance video, social media, etc.)
  • Find surveillance footage from different places and structures, collect it, and store it safely.
  • Maintain appropriate communication with other municipal departments
  • Maintain other required records and provide correct reports on investigations (e.g., chain of custody, witness statements, investigation memorandum, etc.)
  • Send us your subpoenas, motions, and other court papers so that we can serve them as licensed process servers in your cases.
  • Actively take part in client and family member outreach
  • Skilled in social relations; able to listen and ask pertinent questions
  • Capacity for efficient time management on a daily and monthly basis, even while juggling many investigations
  • Collect data, participate in periodic experimental projects, and lend your support to new initiatives.

Activities outside the scope of this description

  • Proven job experience in a criminal investigation of significant violent crimes (including but not limited to manslaughter, attempted murder, felony assault,
  • rape, robbery, and gang-related offenses) or a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or a similar discipline is necessary.
  • An aggressive defense attorney with a dedication to helping the poor succeed in court is highly desirable.
  • Certified or trained in criminal investigations; further training is desirable.
  • A familiarity with forensics would be helpful.
  • Capacity for analyzing and weighing evidence
  • Integrity, prudence, and a high moral standard
  • Able to ask pertinent questions and listen attentively Capable of producing excellent writing
  • Able to maintain positive relationships even when stressed
  • Acquaintance with the New York City neighborhoods
  • Confident in using Video Teleconference and Zoom in addition to Microsoft Office
  • Skilled use of all major modern social media sites, such as Slacker, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.
  • Major time spent in the field, including several overnight excursions
  • Fluency in Spanish sufficient for 95% of travel (or another pertinent language) favored fluency
  • Prefers Process Server with Valid License
  • If they are not already, candidates should have the means to get a process server license.
  • License as a Notary Public is Preferred.
  • You should preferably have a current, valid driver’s license from the state of New York and regular access to a car with sufficient auto insurance for use in investigations.


The Legal Aid Society’s leadership is firm in its conviction that the best way to serve our clients is to attract and keep exceptionally talented people. We provide a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, vacation, disability, and life insurance. Our Collective Bargaining Agreement sets the salary scale for all of our unionized positions. Please see our Careers page for further details, and know that we will provide salary and benefits information to those who are offered positions.


The management of The Legal Aid Society is dedicated to fostering an environment where employees are encouraged to defend their clients vigorously, treat each other with dignity, embrace differences, fight for equal rights, and provide effective representation. Each customer is important to us, and we work hard to get to know them and their unique situation so that we may better serve them. It will need the combined efforts of everyone involved for us to reach our objectives.

Advice on preventing COV infections by vaccination

To halt the spread of COVID-19 and by New York City’s regulations, the Legal Aid Society is taking the necessary steps and putting in place safety measures. Everyone associated with Legal Aid must uphold and abide by the organization’s standards and regulations, which are in place for the sake of everyone’s safety and well-being. View our COVID-19 policy page for further details.


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