Technician, Camera – Lens

Salary information

  • Dispensed by the company
  • Indeed estimates the annual income range for this position to be $48.4K – $61.2K in Chicago, IL.

Full Description of Position

Overview: When it comes to providing services and solutions for events, PRG is unrivalled. Every project we take on benefits from our top-tier creativity, expertise, and technology. Experts, engineers, and artisans from the worlds of live performance, cinema, television, radio, corporate events, hotels, and set design all make up our teams. Our firm is built on invention; we have 170 patents and more than 70 trademarks. PRG can serve clients all over the world because of its global network of 70 offices located on five different continents. Technician III is responsible for checking in and storing equipment, as well as inspecting and cleaning it after each rental, setting it up for customers, and hauling and loading and unloading it. The incumbent is responsible for keeping the general warehouse in good working order, according to the Company’s specifications. Additionally, the worker must be familiar with and abide by all Company Policies and Safety Regulations, as well as quickly report any dangers or harmful activities. The worker makes use of forklifts and order pickers among other equipment handling machines to facilitate their work. Based on their duties, employees may be required to drive Company cars when transporting and returning equipment to customers. PRG’s mission is to serve its internal and external customers exceptionally well. All tasks and obligations must be carried out by employees at all times in a manner consistent with this policy. Assists with similar tasks as needed. Responsibilities:
A Technician III must demonstrate meticulousness, persistence, and an intuitive grasp of the role’s fundamental requirements. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in both established and cutting-edge Camera and Optics technology. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are also required for this position.

Capabilities, Expertise, and Faculties

  • Camera testing equipment, test signals, monitoring, and hookups must all be familiar territory.
  • The required skillset also includes knowledge of collimation, shimming, or Flange Focal Depth correction, and other similar operations that are needed for maintaining optics.
  • You should be able to make simple repairs using readily available components in the event of typical product damage or failure.

Important Tasks

  • Readiness of Equipment
  • Take apart the camera and put it back together when you return it.
  • Inspect the kit box for soiled or damaged foam, a loose lid, or any other issues. If the case has to be replaced or cleaned, then do so.
  • It is the responsibility of the renter to do a thorough check of all rental assets by equipment prep SOPs to verify that all equipment is in good working order.
  • Check to see whether you have the necessary components on hand to make a speedy repair to any assets that are either not working properly or are only rentable in part.
  • All preparatory events, successful or unsuccessful, are recorded in a document maintained by AMS engineering.
  • If an item fails the prep test and cannot be fixed, it should be tagged as “passed” and placed on the damaged shelf.
  • Keep your office tidy.
  • Modifications and Upkeep
  • Fix typical issues with the product right away.
  • Clean and maintain the space.
  • Sort out the wear and tear from the customer damage and the typical flaws in the goods.
  • Record all details of the repairs, including the time and materials spent on them, in the AMS.
  • Help with Products Give telephone assistance
  • Assist clients in person before and during filming.


  • You need to have worked in lighting, video, rigging, or logistics for at least five years to be considered for this position.
  • Trade exhibition, technical school, or post-High School training in an eligible sector can partially or completely replace the aforementioned work experience requirement.
  • Ability to work independently and provide excellent customer service Knowledge of the technical principles of operation and maintenance of the electronic equipment assigned to the incumbent Knowledge of the principles and practises of workplace safety Knowledge of the technical principles of operation and maintenance of the equipment within the department Knowledge of the technical principles and practises of workplace safety
  • Proven skill in determining the source of issues and finding solutions
  • Familiarity with PRG proprietary software and the ability to learn and use it; proficiency with Microsoft Office or other typical office productivity tools
  • High level of expertise in the safe operation of motor vehicles and valid certification for the vehicle(s) used in service (clean driving record or need not apply)
  • Attention to detail; diplomacy; competence
  • Fitness level required for the role; must be able to lift and carry 50 lbs.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Publication:

PRG is an Affirmative Action/Fair Chance Employer. For this reason, PRG conducts mandatory pre-employment drug testing to ensure a safe and productive work environment for all employees.

Due to the nature of this profession, a pre-employment drug test is required.

We at Production Resource Group LLC are an E-Verify company and will submit your Form I-9 data to the federal authorities to verify your employment eligibility.

PRG is concerned about the well-being of all of our staff and potential hires. PRG employees are not allowed to use IM services for company business. PRG will never ask for sensitive information in an insecure setting, such as a public forum or an email inbox. Nothing related to finances, banking, or personal information will ever be requested or required before an in-person interview with PRG. When searching for a new job, it’s important to be wary of fraud. Visit for more information on employment fraud, and submit a complaint at